Candidates can be added to your Freshteam account by various means, 

  • Via portal - can apply via 
    • Career portal/ Job embed 
    • Facebook page app.
  • Moving from Talent pool.
  • Over an email -  can write an email (eg: can write to
  • Manually added by a recruiter.
  • Employee can refer a candidate.
  • Employee can pursue the published job posting

Candidates via portal:

  • If a candidate applies to a job posting from a career portal or job embed or Facebook page app then she/he will be associated with the respective job posting automatically.
  • A candidate can apply for multiple job postings. In this case, the candidates will be listed under both the job postings.

From talent pool:

  • Candidates from talent pool can be moved to a job by clicking on their profile. Their profile will be displayed in a quick pop-up screen, you will see "move to job" button on the right top of the pop-up screen.
  • Click on "Move to job" button and you will see a list of job postings in a drop-down list. Just choose the relevant job posting and click on save.
  • You can also notify the candidate when you move him/her from the talent pool.

Alternatively you can add candidates from talent pool from within a job posting as well. 
  • Choose the job posting to which you wish to add the candidate from talent pool.
  • Click on the "Add candidate" dropdown, and choose 'From Talent Pool'. 
  • By default, the job role associated to the Job posting will be applied to the talent pool and you could see the candidates archived earlier by the talent acquisition team.
  • You can refine your search using the filter and add them to the job posting.

Candidates via email:

  • Candidates applied via email will be listed under the "email applications" tab under the Recruit section.
  • The candidate's resume will be parsed automatically and the basic information like name, email, phone number will be pre-populated.
  • The recruiter can map an email applicant to the respective job posting or might choose to archive the candidates to Talent Pool.
  • You can also notify the candidate when you map him/her to a Job posting.
Add a candidate - by Recruiter:
  • Account admins, admin, and recruiters can add a candidate manually to a job posting.
  • Go to a job posting --> click on "Add candidate" button on the right top of the screen.
  • A pop-up screen with the required fields like upload resume, name, email and more will appear, fill in all the fields and click save.
  • The candidate will be notified when he/she is added to a job posting.
Refer a candidate:
  • Any employee can refer a candidate. 
  • If you are logged in to the employee portal, you can see all the published job postings.
  • You can refer a candidate by clicking on "Add candidate" dropdown, you will see refer a candidate button.
  • A pop-up screen with the required fields like upload resume, name, email and more will appear for your to fill in.
  • For referral candidates you can also specific how you know this candidate and a note for the recruiter before submitting the candidate.
  • The candidate will be notified when he/she is referred to a job posting.
Pursue as a career:
  • Any employee can apply for an internal job posting.
  • The employee can go to the relevant job posting, under "Add candidate" dropdown and click on "Pursue as a career" option.
  • If an employee choose to pursue as a job opening as a career option, then his/her reporting manager, the hiring manager and the recruiter will be notified over an email.
      Note: The decision to welcome employees as candidates for a job posting is left to the recruiter and hiring manager.