Manage access permissions and user roles for every employee, on a granular level. Freshteam allows you to choose from four different roles while adding employees to your team. We do not support the ability to create a custom role at the moment.

Understanding default roles:

  • Go to Settings > Users > Roles.
  • You can see few default roles like,
    • Employee - Can view job postings, refer candidates and peek at the status of the referred candidates. They have access to view employee directory and org-chart. 
    • Recruiter - Can configure all features in the Application Tracking System, like creating job postings, adding candidates, scheduling interviews, moving candidates, and more.
    • AdminCan configure all features in the Admin tab and Application Tracking System. Anything from creating a new branch, adding an employee and more. However, admins cannot access account and billing information.
    • Account Admin - Has complete control over the Freshteam including access to account or billing related information, and receives invoices.
    • Limited Recruiter - Has recruiter level privileges on candidates within the jobs they are assigned to. Does not have access to other candidates outside their assigned jobs. The Limited recruiter option is available on the Garden plan onwards.

In addition to the above user access roles, Freshteam has two in-built roles

  • Hiring Manager - Gets a recruiter-like access permission level for the associated job posting. However, they cannot schedule an interview, move a candidate to different job posting or make an offer to the candidate.
  • Panel Member - They have access to review candidate profiles, mark favorites and collaborate with hiring panel members. Additionally, they can be invited to interview candidates.

Please note that Interviewers are either Panel Members, Hiring Managers or Recruiters. Interviewer is not a separate role.