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What's fresh about Freshteam: the jaunty June edition

Hello, we'll keep updating this page as time goes by with links to all of our new updates so follow this forum to get notified: 

1) Improved - Bulk actions. Previously, bulk actions were limited to candidates on a single page. Not anymore. 

2) Added - Remind interviewers for feedback. Set up automated reminders for interviewers at a custom frequency, if their feedback is pending. 

3) Added - Everyday interview summary: Every morning, interviewers will now receive an email summary of all the interviews they have scheduled for the day.

4) Improved - Hiring sub stages filter: Candidates can be filtered using hiring sub-stages in both list and kanban view.

5) Improved - Scheduling emails: You can now pick a specific date and time while scheduling an email instead of working off broad categories.

6) Added - Multiple email signatures: You can have a personal email signature and one for when you're replying from the careers email address

7) Fixed - Job embeds weren't loading for some users. That's been taken care of.

8) Improved - Last saved draft: Last saved email draft is now available in the candidate's profile so you don't have to recreate from scratch

9) Improved - Multiple applications filter: You can now use filters to pull up a list of candidates who've applied to other jobs besides the one you're currently viewing.

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