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Nifty updates: the May Madness edition

Hello, when we haven't been building features, we've been making improvements to existing features so that we can make sure that your Freshteam experience is as smooth as possible.

Here's are some highlights on that front for the month of May:

  • In the spirit of GDPR, we made sure that "notify candidate" (while scheduling an interview) is unchecked by default. #OptInNotOut
  • Enhanced the interview scorecard and interviews tab to make sure that all information is easily viewable. For e.g., interviewer's name, candidate's name, round etc. is on the scorecard.
  • Made employee referral status change notifications more relevant by introducing a new placeholder
  • Made some improvements to the file attachment business, from a candidate's perspective. For example, a text file exceeds 2MB, the attachment is dropped but not the email. An email is also sent to the candidate to explain file size rules. General rule of thumb: text files/resume/cover letters < 2MB, portfolios  < 15 MB. All files together < 15MB.
  • Added more job types - temporary, seasonal, volunteer.
  • Changed some text (and hopefully helped reduce head scratching) on dashboard to make our quick numbers more relevant ('Unread emails' is now 'Candidates responded' and 'My pending tasks' is now 'Due tasks')
  • Added filters on the 'View jobs' page for employees so that their search becomes easier
  • You can now view (while scheduling an interview) which email address you used to set up the Calendar integration
  • Fixed a pesky bug that insisted on not allowing Windows users to attach a specific ZIP file format while importing candidates

You can view all of our major product updates like workflow automations here

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