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Freshteam and GDPR

GDPR is one of the most important change to data privacy regulations in the last two decades. It stands for “General Data Protection Regulation”. It establishes a new framework for handling and protecting the personal data of EU-based residents which came into effect on May 25, 2018. It provides the citizens of the EU greater control over their personal data and assures that their information is being securely protected across Europe.

Here's more information on Freshworks' organization wide efforts for GDPR.

Freshteam is committed towards upholding the underlying principles of GDPR and below are some of the initiatives undertaken:

Employees in a company using Freshteam

  1. You can permanently delete all traces of an employee, by going to the deleted employees view and selecting 'Delete forever'. Please note that this could mean critical loss of business continuity.
  2. If you'd like to ensure business continuity and delete all PII traces of an employee, you can "mask" an employee. This means, we'll delete all personally identifiable information of the person like address etc. and mask the email address as (a random number). Inactive and deleted employees can be masked. This is done to make sure that business continuity is maintained i.e the interview feedback will exist but you will not be able to tell who gave it.
  3. You can also choose to just delete an employee. This will just move them to the 'Deleted' view - you can restore deleted employees but you won't be able to restore masked/permanently deleted employees.
  4. You can choose to opt out of analytics apps that we use by going to your profile in the employee directory and choosing "Opt-out" in the dropdown menu.

Applicants to a company using Freshteam

  1. You can delete candidates from their candidate 360 page. When you delete a candidate, their profile is moved to the 'Trash' view in that particular job posting and the 'All candidates' page. 
  2. To permanently delete all traces of the candidate from the system, you can go to the particular candidate's profile in the 'Trash' view and hit 'delete forever' to remove them from your ATS system.

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We are missing the feature to let candidates see/access a copy of their personal data stored in Freshteam (or to download it) as this is also a right under GDPR.

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