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The One With Vendor Management

Hello there!

What's new about Freshteam? 

  • Vendor management. This means, you can add vendors to your Freshteam account and give them a login so that they can add and manage candidates, and keep track of their statuses themselves, without depending on you. Yaay! Read this to know more
  • Import candidates using a CSV file. You can also import a ZIP file of associated resumes, portfolio files and cover letters.
  • Import resumes using a ZIP file. Reach for the 50 MB file limit!

What else have we been up to?

  • Improved: Previously, when you deleted an attachment, Freshteam callously removed it without so much as a heads up. We've now taught it the importance of confirmation pop-ups and double checks.
  • Added: Interviewer name to the interview feedback so that you know who gave what feedback, no matter how many Chrome tabs you have open.
  • Optimised: Code so that performing bulk actions won't slow down your app or cause it to crash.
  • Fixed: Panel members were able to send emails to candidates, even though they shouldn't have been able to. If you were using this loophole to have clandestine conversations with candidates, well, you can't anymore. Cos we fixed it. 
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