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7th March 2018 - What's been happening?


We added the ability to

  • Export candidates from filter views. Say, you want a particular set of candidates who fulfill certain filters, specific to a job posting or not, like education, skills or city,  to examine and analyze at your will, in Excel, Google Sheets or...even Numbers, you can do so. The ones who don't will be left behind to burn up in a fiery crash*.
  • Add candidates to talent pool without job association. When you're importing your candidate database, you shouldn't have to add them to a job posting - create one, add them and delete the job- to get them into your talent pool. Add candidates directly to your talent pool, with ease.

We also took some pretty bad bugs down like this pesky one that didn't send a application acknowledgement email to some candidates or this other one that didn't automatically attach an attachment to the candidate's profile when they send an email with an attachment to a Freshteam mailbox for the first time.

*Just kidding**


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