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22nd February, 2018 - Release Notes

Hello there,

The Freshteam team loves them big wins when we ship big features out the door but it can be pretty satisfying to also tick a bunch of little things off your checklist and call it a job well done. 

Last week, on Valentine's Day, we held a 'tiny wins' hackathon where we holed ourselves up in a room (marketing and sales folks too!) and brainstormed for quick, tiny wins that could make your hiring experience just a little better and fix a pain point you reported. This could be something as small as a copy change ('Make an offer' and 'Hire', the hiring stages, are now 'Offered' and 'Hired' to fit in better with the other hiring stages) or as big as a big, important bug fix (whose identity we will not be disclosing for its own good).

So, if you're wondering why,

- the conversations tab looks different (here's a solution article explaining the new tabs)

- you're able to see the candidate's name and job title they're applying for when you click on a interview feedback link from your email

- you're able to edit experience/education & skills/employer even when the resume isn't parsed

- there's now a convenient 'add task' button in the middle of the page when you have no added no tasks relevant to that particular candidate

- you now have a clickable link that takes you to the task's page when you have a candidate-related task

- 'Medium' (of Source & Medium fame) is now going by 'Source Category'

- 'Notify candidate' now reads 'Send an acknowledgement email' when you're adding a new candidate to the system

- the thumbs icon with the score, the action button, is now more prominent while viewing the list of interviews a candidate has underwent

- you can now open a candidate profile in a new tab when you have a bunch of profiles to choose from in your search results

- 'Source' has moved out of 'Tag Manager' into its own link in Admin under 'Job Publishing' you know why.

Here are our Android app updates:

1. Interviews tab is now available in candidate profile
2. Hackerrank and Classmarker assessment integrations are visible in dashboard and candidate timeline
3. Resumes, portfolios and cover letters are distinguished from one another
4. New candidates count is displayed when jobs are listed; if you view a candidate, their profile is marked as 'read'
5. Undo archive, undo reject and offer devoid entries are now displayed in candidate timeline

P.S - We had ice cream too!

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